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Using hashcat - Simple code
The variable ‘pattern’ is just here to translate the pattern format from pattern.txt (ex : ‘00aA0’) so it matches hashcat’s one ( ‘?d?d?l?U?d’).
Just unzip before you execute this script.

#! /bin/bash

while true; do
    pattern=$(cat pattern.txt | sed s/a/?l/g | sed s/A/?u/g | sed s/0/?d/g)
    hashcat -a3 -m100 -w3 -o recovered.txt --outfile-format=2 hash.txt "$pattern"
    tail -n1 recovered.txt
    unzip -o -P $(tail -n1 recovered.txt) ../$(cat filename.txt)

Just wait for 2 or 3 minutes until the file flag.txt appears